Chemical Treatment Overview

Proper chemical treatment provides healthy, inviting water and protects your swimming pool investment. Correct levels of pH and Free Available Chlorine (FAC) are essential to keep your pool water sparkling clean and free of algae. Corrosion of equipment and plaster surface etching can happen when pool water balance is not maintained. With the Sustain® 3-Step Pool Care System, water balance is easy to maintain because the active ingredient, calcium hypochlorite, does not contribute to corrosive water.

The Sustain® 3-Part System is easy to use and has proven effective in thousands of pools for more than 25 years. This success is due, in a large part, to our Sustain Summer Shield Chlorine Extender. This product breakthrough in pool chemicals technology provides automatic back-up chlorine protection against algae development. Summer Shield Chlorine Extender is unique in that one application can last 150 days. Other pool care systems require a weekly dose of an algae preventative.

Weekly testing of pH and Free Available Chlorine (FAC), as well as routine water analysis at your Authorized Sustain System Dealer, will help prevent problems before they occur. You should take a water sample to your dealer prior to opening your pool and then a minimum of every six weeks afterward. Proper water balance allows the chlorine to attack bacteria and algae. Your dealer will test your water for pH, Total Alkalinity (TA), Calcium Hardness (CH), Stabilizer (CYA) and Summer Shield Chlorine Extender levels. It is your responsibility to maintain water balance and FAC in accordance with your dealer's recommendations.