Algae in your pool can become an ongoing annoyance. Water temperature, exposure to sunlight, pH balance and the amount and type of minerals in your water can all be contributing factors in its growth. While a group of additives called algaecides can be used to fight the problem, the growth of algae can often be avoided in the first place by using the Sustain® 3-Part System in your pool. In the rare and unlikely event that algae would still develop, it usually takes just a few bags of Sustain Shock Treatment to eliminate the problem. In fact, it’s not uncommon for pool owners to first discover the Sustain brand when they use Sustain Shock Treatment to rid their pool of algae after trying less effective chlorination chemicals.

What Are Algaecides?

Algaecides are chemical compounds whose active ingredients kill algae and/or prevent it from growing in your pool. Among the available algaecides, there are ones that have copper ions as the active ingredient, containing copper sulfate or a chelated copper ion, and algaecides that contain quaternary ammonium compounds (referred to as “quats”) or polymeric quaternary ammonium compounds (referred to as “poly-quats”). Using each type of algaecide has pros and cons, with potential staining and foaming being the most common problem areas. Additionally, the operator must pair the correct algaecide with the correct algal type as algaecides are not universal.

While the use of algaecides can be used to deter algae growth, the Sustain 3-Part System is so effective at keeping algae away that it comes with an algae-free limited warranty.

Pesticides, including algaecides, must be applied according to the product label which is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Always wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) as stated in the manufacturer’s label. Never deviate from the manufacturer’s label directions. Consult with your Authorized Sustain dealer if you are uncertain about anything Sustain related and for help keeping your pool water balanced and algae-free.