Replacing a Vinyl Pool Liner

No one wants to go through the hassle and expense of replacing their pool liner. And anyone who does, certainly never wants to have to do it again. Here’s an important tip that can help you preserve the life of your pool liner: use the Sustain 3-Part Chlorination System to sanitize your pool. The chemicals that comprise the Sustain System are not acid based making them less abrasive on your liner and can help it look better and last longer.


Algae in your pool can become an ongoing annoyance. Water temperature, exposure to sunlight, pH balance and the amount and type of minerals in your water can all be contributing factors in its growth. While a group of additives called algaecides can be used to fight the problem, the growth of algae can often be avoided in the first place by using the Sustain® 3-Part System in your pool.

Pool Stabilizer

What Does Pool Stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid) Do?

To keep your pool safe and clean, chemicals like chlorine are added into pool water to kill harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. However, active chlorine (hypochlorous acid) will more rapidly degrade when exposed to sunlight. That’s right, UV rays from the sun cause the degradation of chlorine! For this reason, pool stabilizers are recommended to be added to your water to extend the longevity of your chlorine.

Circulation and Filtration

Proper filtration and circulation are essential for the removal of debris, as well as the dispersal of chemicals evenly throughout your pool. In fact, 90 percent of pool problems are due to improper filtration and circulation. Understanding the proper use of return jets, the pump and the filter will go a long way toward eliminating most problems.

Pool Maintenance

Maintaining Balance Is Critical

Over the course of the pool season, many factors will change the balance of your pool water. When water is added to the pool, whether by rain or your garden hose, the pool water is diluted and the strength of the chemicals is lowered. Remember, the key to effective pool care is to maintain a balance: a change in one area will affect the overall balance of the chemicals. The main water balance factor that will need to be adjusted is pH. 

Pool Water Testing

In addition to taking water samples to your dealer a minimum of every six weeks, test your pool water for FAC and pH at home at least once a week. Use 3-Way Test Strips or a DPD Test Kit. Maintain the FAC level between 1-3 ppm to ensure healthy water. Your pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.4 to maintain water balance and chlorine effectiveness. Always test your water and adjust before adding routine doses of Sustain Shield Energizer Tablets. [More info...]