See Why the Sustain System is the Clear Choice

  Sustain® System 12% Liquid Chlorine Trichlor Salt Systems
Safety Blue color tablets distinquish product from incompatible chemicals. Liquid chlorine poses potential spill and splash concerns. Solid form of chlorine makes it easy to handle. Minimal safety concerns.
Handling Easy-to-handle and administer. Various package sizes. 2.5 gallons jugs weigh over 20-lbs. Easy to handle and administer. Various size pails. 40-lb. bags of salt. Very large quantities required during start-up. To reach 3,000 ppm in a 200,000 gallon pool, it would take 125 x 40-lb. bags or 5,000-lbs of salt.
Chemistry pH of 10 means easier water balance. Tablet chemistry does not degrade alkalinity. Chlorine strength degrades slowly. Tablet erosion technology allows for more consistent chlorine delivery. pH of 13 requires large amounts of acid to balance water (2 to 3 times as much acid addition as Sustain.) Chlorine strength degrades rapidly. Concentrated hypochlorite solution is very corrosive to equipment. pH of 3 requires large additions of sodium carbonate to balance water. Destroys alkalinity. Raises stabilizer levels. Chlorine strength degrades slowly. Very corrosive to equipment. Must maintain ~ 3,000–9,000 ppm salt concentration in the pool; salt is converted to chlorine as it passes through the cells.
Maintenance No equipment to install. Skimmer dispenser cup controls addition of chlorine. Liquid Shield acts as a back up reserve of chlorine. No stabilizer addition concerns. No equipment to install. Simple to administer. Water balance requires more attention due to high pH of 13. Minimal maintenance. Attention must be paid to stabilizer build-up which will slow down chlorine effectiveness. Must replace costly cells every two to four years. High energy cost to operate.