Sustain Tablets

Sustain 3-Inch Blue Chlorinating Tablets, the heart of the Sustain 3-part system, are the perfect alternative to typical pool tablets commonly referred to as “trichlor.” Sustain tablet chemical make-up and erosion delivery technology work in tandem to deliver sparkling clean water. Sustain calcium hypochlorite-based tablets are also easier on pool equipment and pool liners because they’re not acidic like trichlor.

Why Use Sustain 3” Blue Chlorinating Tablets?

Take a look at some of the many benefits of switching to Sustain tablets:

  • Different chemical make-up, same chlorine benefits as trichlor tablets
  • No feeder required/No conversion necessary
  • Tablets do not contribute to stabilizer build-up in your pool
  • One tablet treats 10,000 gallons of water for up to 7 days
  • Just fill the adjustable dispenser cup that comes with the tablets and place it in your skimmer basket
  • Helps preserve pool liners and equipment because tablets are not acidic
  • For more than 30 years, the Sustain System has provided algae-free protections to pool owners

The Sustain Chlorinating Tablet Advantage

  Sustain Blue Tablets Trichlor Tablet Sustain® Tablet Advantages
pH Basic Acidic Chemical is easier on pool equipment and liners. Better water balance.
Solubility Good Slow Sustain tablet erosion technology means consistent chemical delivery.
Stabilizer Content None 56% Sustain tablets don’t contribute to stabilizer build-up in water.
Feeder Device Skimmer Cup Feeder Under Pressure No special piping or valves are required with the Sustain Skimmer Cup!
Tablet Refill Easy Must Open Feeder A once a week, easy routine. Adding into a skimmer cup is much easier and safer than refilling a feeder.
Odor Minimal Strong Chlorine Because Sustain tablets are more pH neutral, they have a lower odor than trichlor tablets.

Never mix Sustain Blue chlorinating tablets with trichlor tablets (typically white), or any other chemicals. Other products are incompatible with Sustain Blue chlorinating tablets. Never use Sustain Blue 3-inch or ¾" Energizer tablets in pool application devices such as an automatic chlorinator or floating chemical dispenser. Mixing of pool chemicals could result in the development of noxious fumes, fire or explosion. Always read and follow label directions.

Sustain 3” Blue Chlorinating Tablets are part of the Sustain 3-Part System

Sustain 3-Part System

30-Years of proven algae prevention