Pool Safety Tips

Your pool is meant to be a source of fun and relaxation. Following these simple safety guidelines will help keep your pool fun and safe.

Check Chlorine Levels 

Wait until water is between 1- 3 ppm available chlorine before entering. (Do not enter if it is above 3ppm).  You’ll also want to make sure that your water is properly balanced. Remember, using the Sustain 3-part system makes pool maintenance easy so there’s no excuse.

Know Swimmer Status

Always make sure everybody in the pool knows how to swim. Never let anybody swim alone.

Install a Pool Fence 

Make sure there is a fence around your pool. In some communities it’s the law. There may also be local requirements for fence height and gate locks so be sure to check with your local municipal governing body.

Know Pool First Aid

Take the time to learn first aid and CPR techniques. It could save a life. Keep a well-stocked first-aid kit handy. Keep an emergency medical phone number nearby.

No Glass

Don't take glass or other sharp objects into or around the pool.

Use Safety Signs & Markings

Post "Pool Rules" and use pool depth markings.

No Diving

Don't dive into the shallow end of the pool and be extremely careful about diving anywhere. Depths can decrease sharply.

Be Careful with Chemicals

All pool chemicals should be handled with care. Read package labeling and see our chemical safety page on this website.