Chlorine Skin Irritation

Properly balanced pool water should not irritate eyes or cause a skin rash in most people. If you experience these conditions you could have a hypersensitivity to some chemicals, water that’s out of balance, or a combination of both. 

Make sure you rinse well after swimming, seek medical attention if symptoms are frequent or severe, and consider switching your pool to the Sustain 3-Part Chlorination System. The Sustain system requires very little work to maintain a proper pH balance in your swimming pool all season long. 

A strong chlorine odor is another sign that your water may be improperly balanced and can be considered a warning sign that the conditions for skin irritation, rashes and reactions may exist. 


Eye & Skin Irritation/Strong Chlorine Odor

Cause Immediate Corrective Action Preventive Follow-up

pH level is incorrect

Chloramines are present

Adjust your pH to between 7.2 and 7.4. Then shock treat with Sustain Shock Treatment.


Be sure that you are measuring chloramines and not Shield Chlorine Extender

Test water with 3-Way test strips or a DPD test kit at least once a week to keep water balanced.

Use Sustain Shield Energizer Tablets according to label directions once a week to help prevent chloramines from developing. Also maintain a 1-3 ppm chlorine level at all times.

Sustain Shield Chlorine Extender will measure like a chloramine (Total Available Chlorine (TAC) – Free Available Chlorine (FAC) = Shielded Chlorine. Unless there is an excessive chlorine odor or cloudiness, this may not be an issue at all.  If in doubt, check with your Authorized Sustain Pool Dealer.