We wanted to know what pool owners thought about our Sustain Pool Care System – so, we asked! Through a 2021 online survey, we invited current Sustain customers to answer a few questions and give us their thoughts about our products.

The Results Were Crystal Clear

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    Sustain Produces Superior Pool Water Appearance

    Of those surveyed who used other pool chemicals in the past, nearly 9 out of 10 said Sustain products yielded clearer water. Everybody likes clear water.

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    The Best Option for Pool Chlorination Needs

    The key reason our surveyed pool owners purchased Sustain was simply because it was recommended as the best product on the market for maintaining a clean and sparkling pool.

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    Quality Chemicals. Better Results.

    Proven effective for over 25 years, Sustain is fairly priced, effective and easy to use. Our survey concludes Sustain is making a real splash among pool owners.

Give Sustain a Shot

Join the group & keep your pool algae-free, healthy, and swim worthy.

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