Closing your Pool for the Season

At the end of the pool season, you’ll need to make preparations to safely close your pool for the winter months. Talk to your dealer for the steps you need to take for your climate. The first step toward closing your pool should be to take a water sample to your Authorized Sustain System Dealer. He’ll give you an end-of-the-season analysis and offer winterizing recommendations. Use Sustain Winter Shield to protect your pool against algae during the off-season and make opening your pool next season a breeze.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Follow your dealer's instructions to adjust Total Alkalinity and other water balance factors during pool closing. You should have 1-3 ppm FAC before proceeding to Step #2. Keep the pump running continuously for thorough mixing of chemicals until Step 3 is completed.
  2. Pour in Sustain Winter Shield® Chlorine Extender, using 32 fluid ounces for every 20,000 gallons of water. (Add only six fluid ounces if the pool has less than 7,500 gallons.
  3. "Superchlorinate" your pool using a double dose of Sustain Shock Treatment (2 pounds for every 10,000 Gallons). Be sure to follow label directions to avoid bleaching of vinyl liners. (Note:  Always add chemical to water, not water to chemical.  Do not mix product in a bucket or with any other chemical)
  4. Clean your pool, filter and all other mechanical equipment thoroughly.
  5. Partially drain your pool. Check with your Sustain System Dealer to determine proper water levels and procedures for your climate.
  6. Cover your pool with a solid pool cover.